Pete is an excellent real estate agent and a great guy. He recently sold a house for me in Boothwyn. He always answered his phone and would respond to any emails very quickly. We hit a few snags where I thought the buyer was going to back out but Pete was very patient and his negotiation skills got  the deal done and the house sold. Would highly recommend Pete’s services.

Steve Karpinski – Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania

Another Happy Client:)

Pete and his Property Merchants, LLC is excellent. He is the best!

J Anony – Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania

Happy Home Seller

In the one year experience with other agents, we had one so-called offer (it was a little iffy at that.) Pete put a plan together and suddenly things were happening.

We started getting offers, and the house is sold. We were really satisfied with the outcome. We had kind of figured out what our bottom line needed to be and were really excited that we came above our bottom line.

We were out-of-town sellers. Our daughter lived in the home when she was going to school. When the prior agents couldn’t sell the house, it was hard for a year to make those mortgage payments with other kids in college.

If you want your home sold quickly, you need to talk to Pete. He has some great ideas on how to sell quickly.

New Cash Purchase

I’m a local real estate investor. I’ve been working with Pete for several years. I can tell you that Pete is the real deal and I have had good experiences with him. I’ve bought and sold a lot of houses and thought I knew how to do it.

I had a good history of doing it. The problem was that the market changed and there were certain houses we just could not sell. Specifically, there was a house in the “boonies.” We had had it on the market for 8 months.

We had priced it below market. We weren’t getting viewings and we weren’t getting offers. Nothing was happening with it. Pete had approached me for several months. Finally after enough pain and mortgage payments, I decided to give Pete a shot.

We had 68 showings very quickly and lots of offers. We ended up selling the house for the same price the other agent hadn’t been able to sell it for. I don’t think we would have sold the house without Pete and his team at Property Merchants, LLC.

Another Cash Sale!

My house was a short sale. This means that I owed more than the home was worth. The traditional real estate agent wasn’t able to help me. I’ve been a real estate agent, we tried other real estate agents, and it didn’t work.

Having been an agent myself and invested in properties, I was very familiar with short sales and all the various ways of doing it.

I got frustrated turning it over to some local real estate companies. I felt like I had to try and fill them in on the knowledge and process about short sales that they did not have.

It was Pete’s experience with short sales that got my property sold. You are simply not going to get your short sale taken care of using the traditional real estate methods.

You need somebody like Pete that really can combine all the angles and get the job done. I was an agent myself and had a property in the $400k+ price range that I couldn’t sell myself.

Then, because of personal issues, I turned it over to another Real Estate Company in town. They could not get anything done with it. Having met Pete a couple years before then, knowing that he knew all the things he knew about the real estate market, I decided to turn it over to him.

He got it under contract very quickly. It actually was Pete’s buyer list that enabled him to sell it so fast. Pete and his system got the home sold.

It was a huge relief for us because the property had been a thorn in my side. Now that we have this property off of our backs, we can finally move on with our lives.

After a year and a half of being listed with 2 other agents, Pete sold my home in 45 Days and for 98.3% of the asking price.

I had my home listed for over 18 months without a sale. It just seemed like high-end homes like ours weren’t moving. It seemed to be true for our home, too. But, because of Pete’s extensive online advertising and promotion, he found a buyer within 45 days who bought it for the same price I had been listed with the other agents.

We used Pete because we felt like he did more than any other agent. The other agents seemed to just throw the home on the Multiple Listing and then disappear. They conveniently forgot to call us after that.

With Pete, we were updated every week during the entire process. Pete does more advertising and promotion of his listings than anyone else in Delco. I had seen some of the ads and posts from Pete and thought he was under-pricing homes. But what I thought turned out to be wrong.

After a short and easy meeting with Pete, we felt like he could sell our home. And he did. The results were proven 45 days later when he sold my home and got me my price.

Unfortunately my mother passed and my two siblings and I had to sell her house to close out the estate. It took us some time to go through all of her belongings left at the house and during that time we received Pete’s letter in the mail. I’m not sure what led me to call but I called him and boy am I thankful I did.

Pete was very professional and we met at my mother’s house at his suggestion. As we were not ready to sell quite yet, he gave us some suggestions to help improve the value of the home for a future sale. I must admit, we were really impressed with Pete not only for his follow up phone calls, but he never was rushing us, and seemed to understand that it would be some time until we were ready to sell. As time went on, he never called too often, but always stayed in touch and offered his services.We did some of the things he suggested and about four months later we listed with Pete. To our amazement he sold our house in 7 days. 

Pete was not the first agent we had talked to but he was the last. We were totally amazed at the professionalism, expertise, and kindness we received from such a young man. Pete will be our agent for as long as we need one and that does not happen often in this industry.”

Pete had a tough job, but he did it!

We were tough clients! We were moving Media and didn’t have a lot of time to look at houses, having to deal with our employer’s relocation, and all of the other challenges that came along. But, Pete went above and beyond to help us. Even now, one year after the sale closed, I can still call him for business and service recommendations in the area — he knows just about everyone, and is very happy to help.

Pete is the best agent in Delco!

I’ve used Pete twice so far, and I was impressed both times. I bought my dream home with Pete a little less than a year ago. He worked long and hard to find me the perfect home. And he just recently sold another property of mine. Everything went quickly and smoothly. Both of my real estate deals were done very quickly and professionally. Pete is honestly the BEST in the business. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell in Delco!

Pete made selling our home so so easy. He guided us through the entire process. He recommended great people to work with every step of the way. He was always available to answer any questions we may have had. With his high standards, expertise in the industry, and patience, we would recommend him as a Realtor to anyone looking! He was amazing!

Pete even advised me on how to prepare my house!

Pete was a gem. In addition to being highly knowledgeable about the real estate market, with many years of experience, he is a consummate professional. He was extremely easy to work with, gave me very good advice about preparing my house for sale and was very responsive during the entire process of receiving offers, selling and closing. I would work with him again in a heartbeat. He’s that good.

Pete is the first agent I would call.

Pete and his team at Property Merchants were able to rapidly list, show and sell my property. Being an expert in real estate, he was spot on in his pricing of my property and getting this deal completed. Overall, I highly recommend him and his team. If I want to buy real estate, Pete would be the first person I’d call.

Pete got us an offer in three days!

Pete was the consummate professional during our stressful and difficult process. In the midst of juggling a ‘failed’ marketing effort with another agent, he presented a well thought out plan and strategy to sell our home in short order. We needed to move quickly due to a growing family and another baby on the way. He helped alleviate that pressure by securing an acceptable offer with 3 days of listing. We put pressure on him, and he delivered. We couldn’t thank him enough.

Pete kept us calm throughout the process.

Pete always made himself available to answer questions. He worked hard to sell our home and find the best fit for our new home. He and his team worked with us through the entire process and kept us calm when we got anxious. I am 100 percent satisfied!!

Efficient communication and service!

Pete and his staff were very helpful in selling our condo. They kept me informed frequently with email, sending reports on showings, offers, and feedback from potential buyers. We are very satisfied.

Pete will get your house sold fast!

Pete is great and has the expertise to get your house sold. The communications throughout our sale (from beginning to end) has been outstanding. Pete understands the stress involved in selling your house, and he updated our family consistently! This made us feel we were in good hands. I have worked with numerous agents, and I highly recommend him to represent you when it comes time to sell your home.

Excellent experience topped with a personal touch.

Excellent experience all around, not only knowledgeable but Pete and his team have a very personal touch, I felt like family throughout the entire process. He always took his time; we never felt rushed or like “just a number.” I sold my home and bought with him. We had lots of questions he gladly answered them with no problem and guided us through the entire process, eliminating lots of stress. I truly appreciate that and would recommend him and his team to family and friends.

Sold our home in a week!

Pete was an absolute dream to work with. Professional, responsive, efficient, and my moral support when in time of need…unfortunately for him lol!. We sold the home within a week. What else can you ask for? Grateful, grateful, grateful!!!

So Many People Can’t Be Wrong!

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